Discover the Magic of Dragon Fortune

Dragon Fortune, a fish shooting game from the JILI gaming. The dragon in it are all moved in 3D animation. Use your weapon to aim at it, you will got the chance to win. If there are a lot of same dragon appears the rewards of it are relatively small, while dragon with big rewards also will appear occasionally. Collect the jewels for the Grand Prize it will brings multiplier prizes that can make you rich!


Dragon Fortune is an online slot game that features a dragon-themed design and offers players the chance to win big prizes. The game features various symbols related to dragons with colorful graphics and animations. Players can bet on different amount and activate bonus features to increase their chances of winning. Dragon Fortune is part of a series of slot games offered by Jili Games. Overall, Dragon Fortune is a fun and exciting online slot game that offers players a chance to win big while enjoying a unique theme and gameplay.


Game Rules

Kill a Jewel Dragon and gain the accumulated collection value of Crystal Bonus.

The Artillery can be dragged around.

Can be set to automatically shoot elected dragon species.

Ignore the blocking of other dragon and shoot directly at the target.on species.

Switch to the powerful Missile mode.

Switch to the Laser Railgun Artillery and have a chance to fire shotgun shells.

Dragon Fortune Features

Gold Rock Dragon

Effects Dragon

Jewel Super Prize Dragon

Crystal Bonus

Immortal Dragon King

Awakening Dragon King

Special Dragon King

Prize Multiplier

Multiplier Comparing Game


Not only those multipliers and effects, but there are other also got a few items in the game that can make players easier to kill those dragons, and while the items require more bets, but they also have amazing rewards for players. Players can use the rewards they get to keep winning more and more rewards. So for players they not only can aim on effects dragon or multipliers bonus. By the way they also can use the items for their win.


At paytable players can know which dragon that they need to aim for their higher bonus. Different dragons got their different multiplier, players can know which dragons got higher multiplier when in the game, players also can stack the multiplier for more highers win.

Jasmine Hernandez

Jasmine Hernandez


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