Dinosaur Tycoon: Build up Your Own Prehistoric Theme Park

Dinosaur Tycoon is an online casino game that combines elements of a prehistoric theme park simulator with casino games. Players can target which dinosaurs that theywanted to aim. Dinosaur Tycoon is developed by Jili Games, a popular game provider in the Asian market, and offers a fun and unique gameplay experience for players who enjoy both casino games and simulation games.


Dinosaur Tycoon is an online casino game that features a dinosaurs-themed design and offers players the chancce to win big prizes. The games featured various symbols related to dinosaurs colourful graphics and animations. Player can bet on different amount and activate bonus featuresto increase their chances of winning. Dinosaur Tycoon is part of a series of slot games by Jili Games. Overall, Dinosaur Tycoon is a fun and exciting anline slot game that offers players a chance to win big prize while enjoying a inque theme.



Ignore the blocking of other dinosaurs and shoot directly at the target.

Can be set to automatically shoot selected targets.

Need 30 of coin to use it. Click it and it will frozen the whole screen of dinosaur.

Use the Heavy Axe deducts 6 times the bet. Click the large dragons on the screen to use more powerful attacks.

Use Electric Cannon deducts 15 times the bet. Select the target and deploy Chain Lightning on the 2-5 dragons nearby.

When pplayer shooting it will accumulate energy. When full click the button to deploy Meteor Burst to inflict large-area axplosion damage.

Not only those multipliers and effects, there are also got a few items in the game that let players easier to kill those dinosaurs, and while the items require more bets, but they more powerful than the basic bullets. Players can use the rewards to keep defeat the dinosaurs and get more and more rewards. So for players they not only can aim on effects dragon or multipliers bonus. By the way they also can use the items for their win.

Dinosaur Fortune Features

Golden Mammoth

Effects Dragon

Special Medium Dragon


Flying Dragon Wheel

Golden T-Rex

Special Dragon King


At paytable players can know which dinosaur that they need to aim for higher bonus. Different dinosaur have different multiplier for them, players can know which dinosaurs got higher multiplier when in the game, that make players more easier to aim the target thet they want, players also can stack the multiplier for more and more highers win.

Jasmine Hernandez

Jasmine Hernandez


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