Monkey King Fishing

Embark on an epic adventure with the legendary Monkey King as your trusted ally, and triumph over your foes to claim opulent rewards in this thrilling fish shooting game. Boasting an impressive array of aquatic creatures, from the commonplace to the exotic, the game also introduces two formidable characters – the cunning Monkey King and the mighty Sea Dragon King – into the fray. As you navigate through the treacherous waters, you’ll have the opportunity to accumulate shots and increase your chances of success. Indeed, the more shots you land, the greater the spoils that await you! With its blend of action, strategy, and excitement, this game is sure to captivate and challenge players of all skill levels.

Things That You May Know

  • Free Bullets
  • E-ball bomb
  • Monkey King
  • Dragon King

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Free Bullets

What is free bullets about?

Upon capturing a player will immediately receive 40 bullets free of charge. It has been observed that when attempting to catch a fish, a 15x multiplier may increase the likelihood of capture. Moreover, if a fish with a 15x multiplier (inclusive) is captured, the player will have a chance of obtaining a randomly allocated multiplier between 2x to 5x. When utilizing the aforementioned free bullets, and a player manages to capture more free bullets, they will be rewarded with a staggering 25x multiplier. The amount of free bullets obtained corresponds to the number of turrets killed. It is important to note that the quantity of turrets cannot be altered during gameplay and will not be saved upon exiting the game. In the unfortunate event of a game disconnection, any remaining free bullets will result in a multiplication of the player’s bet by 4x.

E-ball Bomb

What is e-ball bomb about?

Upon successful acquisition of the E-Ball (10x), the player shall be duly rewarded with a cumulative score equivalent to that of the captured fish entrapped within the confines of the E-Ball. Furthermore, a sudden, randomized discharge of electrical energy shall be induced upon the hapless aquatic creatures visually depicted on the screen, eliciting an immediate physical reaction from said fauna.

Monkey King

What is monkey king about?

As soon as the illustrious Monkey King makes his grand entrance onto the visual display unit, a collaborative effort among all participants ensues in order to attain the coveted Monkey King reward. The players, now presented with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to procure a bonus ranging from an astonishing 100 times to an incredible 300 times, must work with extreme diligence and fervor until the illustrious Monkey King concludes his appearance and departs from the screen.

Dragon King

When the grandiose and imposing visage of the Dragon King materializes on the screen, an intricate and finely-crafted Dragon Ball Plate shall ensconce it. As the players persist and gather an ever-increasing number of the illustrious Dragon Balls, the corresponding reward bonus shall proportionately amplify in magnitude and scope. It is important to note that the players shall continue to avail themselves of the prodigious and coveted Dragon King reward until the moment he deigns to depart from the game.


FAQ (frequently asked questions)

The Monkey King Fishing Game is an arcade-style fishing game where players use a joystick to control a fishing hook and attempt to catch various types of fish on the screen. The game is based on the Chinese legend of the Monkey King.

To play the game, players use the joystick to control the fishing hook and move it around the screen. When a fish appears on the screen, players aim the hook at the fish and press a button to try to catch it. Different types of fish have different point values.

No, the Monkey King Fishing Game is also available as an online game that can be played on desktop or mobile devices. However, the arcade version is still popular in many countries, particularly in Asia.

The highest score in the Monkey King Fishing Game is determined by the player’s skill level and how many fish they catch during a game. There is no set maximum score, as players can continue to play and accumulate points.

While there are some cheats and hacks available for the Monkey King Fishing Game, using them is generally frowned upon and can result in the player being banned from playing the game. It is best to play the game fairly and enjoy the challenge of catching as many fish as possible.

Jasmine Hernandez

Jasmine Hernandez


Table of Contents

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